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Structural Inspections in Lewisville, Texas

Thorough structural inspections ensure your home is on solid ground. At Osborne Engineering, based in Lewisville, Texas, we provide residential and commercial foundation inspections.

Residential & Commercial Inspections

Osborne Engineering Structural Engineers perform both commercial and residential level B foundation inspections on existing structures.

A Foundation Inspection Entails:

  • Visual Observation of Exterior Veneer for Signs of Distress
  • Visual Drainage Inspection
  • Visual Vegetation Survey
  • Foundation Elevation Survey

Opinion Reports

All site information is documented and prepared in an engineering opinion report. Reports include the findings for the subject property and an automated computer aided drafted plan view drawing of structure, along with comments. Recommended repairs are also included. Documents are sealed and signed by a licensed structural engineer registered in the state of Texas.

Recommendations for Inspections

Osborne Engineering recommends a level B inspection be performed before real estate transactions. Having an inspection performed is a measure of inexpensive insurance against unknown foundation problems and any potentially expensive and problematic repairs.
Man using a Meter — Inspections in Lewisville, TX
Man with Construction Tool — Inspections in Lewisville, TX
For current home or commercial building owners not involved in a real estate transaction, but are concerned about the possibilities of foundation problems, it is an intelligent choice to have a level B inspection performed. This allows you to adequately access foundation performance and any repairs, if necessary.

Catching problems in the early stages typically means costly repairs are reduced or possibly eliminated.
Contact our structural engineering firm for an inspection of your residential or commercial building.